Our SEFF’ 16 festival week

Hi everyone!

We hope you have enjoyed the week as much as we have! We (the team of volunteers from Germany and Poland) have had a great time, and we would like to show it to you.

Welcome to Poland – let it loose!

Tuesday 18.10.


At the Opening Ceremony, interesting interviews were made, and a Danish documentary film was showed – „Et Hjem i Verden/ At Home in the World”. The film is a touching depiction of the chaotic  life of refugee children at a Danish asylum center. The mo

After the live studio filming, people mingled and chatted with each other. Among the attending guests were Cezary Ciszewski, Przemek Głowa, Claudia Dietrich, and Małgorzata Frymus. We were happy to have Maciej Kazuba as guitarist to create a nice atmosphere.

A first time experience

Wednesday 19.10.


This day was very rainy, but we met a lot of new people at the Sztowarzyszenie Kamera, and it was the first polish film day for us.

The faces of west Pomeranian event was in Polish so the FiSH team did not understand so much. However, the films which were screened illustrated the pomeranian people from the past.

The place was very unique and rustic, and the walls were decorated with a photo exhibition, which served a great contrast to the old walls of the cinema.



Later in the evening we went to the castle in Stettin where one film in particular caught our interest: „Takiego Pięknego sync urodziłam” by Marcin Koszłka.

The filmed showed the director’s parents and a conflict between the parents. The film illustrated how the mother always was not satisfied with the father and son. At the end of the film, the son – the director – showed the film to his mother, and she realizes how she treats her family. This made a huge impression – how we all so easily make our emotions get in the way of real love.

„The future is not what it used to be”

Thursday 20.10.


At the underground museum in Stettin, we had the pleasure to walk around and experience the exhibitions and get to know a little about the history of this city and Poland. At this event we met Karolina from Stettin, who is also a volunteer.


Crossing the boundaries! In the evening we had a great time trying out the technologies of the future. We were very impressed with the virtual reality trip, where you felt like being in another place. The future is definitely not going to be how we consider today, it is ever changing with high velocity.


During the workshop, we fell in love with the homemade hologram of a moon jellyfish. It was so satisfying watching it floating in space; untouchable and yet to close to your eye.


„We are filming live at the TV studio in Stettin, and I have just received the information that…..”

We also tried being live in a studio – which did not exist!


It was lovely to be at the live streamed workshop and see so many people interested in the subject of the future’s technology which crosses boundaries between film and other branches of visual art forms.

„Work work work work work work….” 

Friday 21.10.


At the castle the big European and Polish competition take place, and we are there from 3 or 4 in the afternoon until midnight! The films are all so unique and different from one another, that we find it so hard comparing them to each other!


As the days pas by, we come closer to each other – talking about everything and nothing. We talk English to each other most of the time, but some of the Polish volunteers can also talk German.

The vision of film making

Saturday 22.10.


„Sorry for the cold”, Sławomir Idziak said in the tent of the cinema bus, and in the same moment one guy from another event in Kultur Incubator made a fireplace next to the bus we were sitting in.

It was like an unconscious dialogue between two complete different events.  Just one hour spend with Sławomir and one see a glimpse of the film making vision.

– Impression made by Lenka

Another day at the castle 

Sunday 23.10

img_8042 img_8045 img_8048img_8040

At the SEFF office, Arek constantly has work to do. Directors and other guests come to him and discuss accommodation and practical things.

However! We are only here to eat great foot – every day we arrive at Kanna around 2 or 3 pm to eat our (a little early) supper. We sit and relax, playing cards and having fun!

The FiSH team from Rostock in Germany had their last day with SEFF today. We would like to say: Thank you, SEFF’ 16! It has been lovely participating in your wonderful film festival, and we have learned so much about what it takes to plan and organize a festival like this.

Best Regards

Quynh, Zsolt, Konrad, Lenka & Jeanne

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