Film Review – „Musimy porozmawiać” by Jędrzej Michalak

Musimy porozmawiać (We Need to Talk)

In his documentary film director Jędrzej Michalak shows people who have lost a person they were very close related with. The mourning speak directly into the camera, always in their private rooms, an idea which seems unprofessional but builds a very intimate and private atmosphere. This is supported by using only smartphones or laptop cameras. Everyone appearing in this film knows the emptiness a deceased loved a loss leaves behind. But everyone has a different way to overcome sorrow, often people realize too late that important things hadn’t been talked about. And this is what the filmmaker seeks in his work – emphatically sharing his sorrow with the audience and in doing so he is creating a successful therapy. Quite a bargain for the camera, to bring back memories of a life gone by and to find a way to overcome teariness. All these moments are an unrecoverable treasure, which must not be lost, either sad or funny.

The images stay forever. We will not. That’s for sure.

Kai Georgi 

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