SEFF’19 Team

EWA BUSINESSEwa „The Boss” Rogowska– „I am the boss”. I organise everything here. Especially food in the middle of the night. Im so busy, that I make business only with the most important people. I am a cinephile. I also am a meme star of William’s memes.



Przemysław „The Memes Lord” Pilarczyk– editor of festival video materials. Creator of most of memes and funny pictures you see here. I like „the Office” and I do study Organisation of Production. Because my name is so hard to pronaunce you can call me William aka William Notrom.



Saara Mildeberg– Working hard or hardly working? Estonian girl from Rostock screenbathing in Szczecin.


Verena „Insta Mama” Fink– to get the quote on the picture: my surname is Fink and I tend to overthink (overFink) a lot about life and destiny. However, sometimes I also like to do other stuff – like helping out at festivals, travelling and dancing.


Aleksandra „Alex” Gołębiowska-…