SEFF 2016- we are coming!

Hello World! Here Daria and Ala from SEFF team! There are almost three months until the festival begins so it is the perfect time to start blogging again.DSC09795 — kopia — kopia (2)
At first some words about us! We are an extraordinary team, which is in fact multinational. I am Daria, a cheerful Romanian girl, crazy about stories. I decided to collect some on my own this summer so I came to Szczecin to see what the fate has got for me. I am Ala, a little crazy Polish girl, who can not sit at home too long and never is bored.

Not to lose time we prepared some news for you today! It seems to be a lot of time to the grand opening but the work has already started. For sure in your gardens it is still quiet and lazy summer that’s why we thought to give you some insights about what a group of passionate people does in a sunny day.

This year is special,  we received a record number of submissions, about 2570 films from 80 countries. All of them are worth watching so the committee spent a month and a half to make their minds who’s going to get to the final. Currently they try to choose from about 500 films several dozens which could be shown during the competition. Last Monday it has begun the second week of hard work for our Polish – German selection team. They watch films, make notes, discuss and judge them whole long days . It might seem nice work, but in fact they have to remember about 500 films to to be able to choose the bests! Have you ever try to do it?!


Our riddle: How many pairs of eyes will watch 500 films? Hint: every number

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