DEKRA Hochschule Berlin

DEKRA Hochschule für Medien is a private university of applied sciences in the trendy Berlin Friedrichshain district, offering Bachelor programmes in Media Management, Journalism and Television and Film Studies. These degree programmes are tailored to the modern media landscape, providing hands on classes in the respective fields with teachers and lecturers who are themselves media professionals. The university is open to creative, young people who are willing to show commitment and enjoy studying in a vibrant atmosphere. For further information, please visit our website:

We are really happy and pleased to be in Szczecin again. It was a great experience for last years team and now the next group of young students is going to Szczecin to set up a news Blog for the SEFF 2016. It’s going to be a great time with lot’s of work and fun! Be sure you don’t miss it!

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