Magical Evenings

Hello World! How are you? As we promised, today we will write something aubout „Evenings of  European Film with OFFicyna”.


Polish Officyna Association wishes to present and discuss the latest trends in the development of artistic audio-visual editing, but also to address the perception of reality, especially the one that crosses it and offers amazing new perspectives. How will they put this ideas in practice? Through a vast program including the classics of documentary cinema and contemporary experiments with picture and sound. „Evenings of  European Film with OFFicyna” are the holiday cycle of screenings film productions from countries like Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Presented films are acclaimed on film festivals positions and show the cultural side of cinematography.It is fantastic opportunity to watch those films in unusual atmosphere on beautiful Ducal Castel courtyard. Warm summer evening, starry sky and out of the ordinary films… nice idea for some relax.

DSC09589 DSC09601DSC09585

What is another interesting point in our „Evenigs”? The meetings with unusual, inspiring and creative people as directors of presented films. So far we were visited by Joahin Hamou and we could hear some words about his newest film- „UIP27”.DSC09577

Next screening takes place on 23th August and starts as usual at 10pm. This time we will watch films from Sweden. Not to miss anything check our fb-fanpage:


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