What does the FiSH do?

When we’re not working at SEFF, we’re having fun doing all kind of stuff.

img_7647 Lenka likes to swing on the playground for example. We used the opportunity to take some interesting photos.

img_7656 Konrad likes to hear music with headphones. And looking at the sky opens up your mind.  


We have enjoyed Stettin very much – acting a little crazy and having fun!


Being a part of SEFF’16 was a totally new experience for me (Jeanne), and I am so happy to have the chance!


One evening we went to this hip café, but when we left we just had to celebrate the fine wall behind us.img_7708

SEFF’16 is not just about having fun and meeting new people. It is also about discussing tough themes and being confronted with huge economical, human and environmental problems in our world.



One special thanks to Quynh who has reported our work throughout the week. We also took a couple of nice photos of you!

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