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DEKRA Hochschule für Medien is a private university of applied sciences in the trendy Berlin Friedrichshain district, offering Bachelor programmes in Media Management, Journalism and Television and Film Studies. These degree programmes are tailored to the modern media landscape, providing hands on classes in the respective fields with teachers and lecturers who are themselves media professionals. The university is open to creative, young people who are willing to show commitment and enjoy studying in a vibrant atmosphere. For further information, please visit our website:


Prof. Rolf Teigler : Head of project

Prof Rolf Teigler graduatet from German Film and Television academy; he worked as Sound Engineer, Author Director, Producer and Lecturer in different Filmschools; in his award winnig films he worked with unemployed people, street gangs, prisoners, refugees. Since 2012 he works for the Bachelor Degree Course „Television and Film” at the DEKRA Hochschule für Medien, Berlin


Anne : Head of production

Hey there! My name is Anne Muenzner, I am 20 years young and studying production for broadcast and movie at the DEKRA Hochschule Berlin. At Szczecin FilmFestival I’ll be the head of production, so I am responsible for my team, all the organisation stuff and the communication with the festival leaders. Last weeks the team really had to suffer, like I was calling them to a meeting nearly everyday 🙂 The crew is doing a great work and I am so glad to be a part of such a beautiful event.
In in my freetime I enjoy doing sports, just like artistic gymnastics, dancing, swimming and cruising with my longboard. I really love summer, nature and hanging out with my beloved family and friends.
Can’t wait to get to Szczecin!


Klaus : Head of creativ

Klaus Dörries works as an independent filmmaker and editor. He teaches the students of the DEKRA Academy of Media in the subjects editing and postproduction. In the context of international cooperation between the University of Szczecin and the Dekra Academy of Media he takes over the artistic direction of the student coverage of the SEFF.


Linda: Moderation, writer

My name is Linda Rottler and I am 24 years old. Since november 2013 I am studying journalism at the Dekra Hochschule für Medien in Berlin. I am concentrating on a career as a presenter. This is why I am really looking forward being part of the Szczecin European Film Festival as a presenter and journalist. Whenever possible I love to travel, go surfing and play beachvolleyball. I am interested in arts of every kind and diffenerent languages and cultures.


Aline: Journalist, writer

Hey there!
My name is Aline and I am 21 years old. I am a student at the DEKRA Hochschule Berlin and studying journalism there. In the Team, around the reporting of the Szczecin European Film Festival, I’ll write with my colleagues in the editorial office. In my spare time I do a lot of sports and like to sing. Also I am interested in fashion and healthy nutrition.


Thomas : Moderation, writer

Hello, my name is Thomas, I am 23 years old and I study journalism at DEKRA-Hochschule Berlin. I work at a german news agency – dpa. As well I support a public-service broadcasting TV-Channel (ZDF) in their morning show #morgenmagazin. My job is called warm-upper, so I am more or less a conversationalist for tired guests in our studio. Other than that I produce sport clips for online channels in Berlin.
If it comes to sport: In my leisure time there is no better thing to do such as playing Volleyball, Ultimate-Frisbee or Football (Heja BVB) with my friends. Together with Linda I will present the Filmfestival online-blog. We will guide you through the festival and therefor wish you a lot of fun.


Yannic: Cameraman

my name is Yannic Schuster I´m a 22 years old german student at the DEKRA Hochschule Berlin, where i’am studying television and movie.
Somebody would say that students like me just do entertainment, whats not totally wrong but it´s especially hard work to get entertainment.
In Stettin my job is catching the right pictures of the best situations with perfect timing. Together with my teammates we´ll show the publicity the real spirit of this festival.
In my leisure I do nearly the same like in my job, because making movies and create wonderful pictures is my passion.


Tobi: Cameraman

Hello Szczecin
My name is Tobias Eck, I am 24 years old and born in Heidelberg, in the south of Germany.
In my free time i like going out with friends, do something sport, read some good books or watch Films.
I live in Berlin since 2014 to study there at the DEKRA academy.
I am studying movie and broadcast with specializing in directing.
At the festival I will be one of the cameraoperators.


Luis: Audio Engineer

My name is Luis Burghardt and I’m 22 years old.
I come from a suburb of Berlin. Since six years I’m interested in music producing and
recording and now I try to turn my hobby into a job. For this reason I am studying at the
DEKRA Academy in Berlin, the subject film and television with a specialization sound.
We are currently not many students with specializing sound.
Thus my task in the project was clear. I’m the Sound-man of this project.


Julian: Cutter

Hi, my name is Julian and I’m here in Stettin as an editor, which is also my specialisation in my university, so my job will be to edit the interviews and material behind the scenes of the festival. Besides editing i love football and playing the piano in my freetime. I’m glad to be part of the team in Stettin and I hope we can enjoy together many good movies, many interesting people in an interesting town and that we have a good time.


Johannes: Director

My name is Johannes Al Daimi. I´m 25 years old and I´m from the city of Würzburg, Bavaria. I live in Berlin now, where I study movie and televison at the DEKRA Hochschule for Media. I will specify on directing.
In my free time I am into do movie projects. I like travelling. I used to do backpacking trips before I started studying and I hitchhiked a lot. I like to be with my family and with my friends. I like reading and going to the cinema. I work in a cinema as a part time job.
My task for the film festival in Stettin will be to direct some potraits.


Eddy: Director, Moderation

Edgar Leiv

My name is Edgar Leiv, I am 24 and I am studying ”Film und Fernsehen” (movie and television) at the DEKRA Hochschule Berlin. At the film festival I will moderate, take interviews and write about the films and actions going ahead with the festival. In my spare time I like watching movies and also I work on my own screenplays.


Jan: Director

Hi, my name is Jan Schartner. I’m a 26 year old student of directing at the DEKRA Hochschule Berlin. My responosibilities at the Stettin Film Festival are getting Interviews and doing short films help out editing. I am really looking forward to meet new and interesting people in Poland. My hobby is nearly everything around movies. But mostly doing Movies my self.


Ron: Movie critics

He is an enthusiastic eccentric, living film dictionary and a megalomaniac. Ron Jäger hates something like presentation texts. He is 19 Years old and studies at DEKRA Hochschule für Medien the courses Television and Film in Berlin. At the Szczecin-Project he is the mind beyond „Ron´s Daily” what´s the name already says. So he walks the whole day through Szczecin and searches for films he can write about. In his leisure time he most of the time deals with – in addition to films – literature und music (or swims in a swimming club).

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  1. Friederike Frach pisze:

    Go on folks, we want to read more 🙂


  2. Michael Beuthner pisze:

    Well done so far! Go on rockin’ Stettin DEKRA HS Team …


  3. Joachim Bendiek pisze:

    Hi there, impressive contributions and highly professional presentation. Looks like university education is of high standard thanks to professional, motivating and enthusiastic teachers like Rolf Teigler. Go ahead – you’ll make it.



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