Ceremonia otwarcia – spotkanie z Mariuszem Wilczyńskim!

W ramach środowej ceremonii otwarcia mieliśmy okazje spotkać się z Mariuszem Wilczyńskim i obejrzeć jego emocjonującą, pełnometrażową animacje „Zabij to i wyjedź z tego miasta”. Film ten, tworzony przez 14 lat, jest intymną wypowiedzią autora, w której rozlicza się on z przeszłością – swoimi wspomnieniami i relacjami z najbliższymi. Ta filmowa podróż zdołała już w niejednym człowieku wywołać głębokie emocje, co potwierdza szereg zdobytych nagród (Orzeł za najlepszy film czy Złoty Lew za najlepsza reżyserię). Krótko podsumowując – było o czym rozmawiać!

Fot. R. Aleksandrowicz

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Last day today!

Our festival sadly slowly comes to an end, but before the official closing ceremony there is still plenty of things that both our stuff has to do and you as a participant CAN do! – some festival films are still available online and we advise watching them before 10.00 to have your own opinion on the verdict later!

There is also another Film Forum that you can join (discussion in english). And after a lunch break, or whatever break you need at your home cinema – award announcements and meeting with Agnieszka Holland.

What an interesting day we have ahead of us!

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SEFF Mini on Sunday

Good morning!

At 10:00 and 12:00 today the young audience can participate in Bajkoterapia online! Lets gather with entire families and spend the morning together taking a closer look at our emotions

picture via http://dkswit.com.pl/w-kinie-swit-z-glowa-w-chmurach/

We are already waiting!

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‚red zone’ :(

Due to new pandemic restrictions our friends from Cesky Film had to close their doors for now, so we can’t meet there tonight to chill while watching James Cameron’s productions… we went to visit them from the distance one more time today

Now it’s time to turn our home cinemas into home bars as well

Now it’s time to turn our home cinemas into home bars as well

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New epidemiological obstacles do not stop us from celebrating cinema in Szczecin – a lovely sunny Saturday we have today! And, with all necessary safety measures, nearly all (see: next post) events are happening as intended. Here You can see how we have spent the morning on preparation for the stop-motion workshops for children in Przepraszam, Tworzę Się! gallery as part of SEFF Mini.

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How to…?

The festival enters the most intense phase as the movies of the main contest are being discussed during panels everyday. Despite that, for some of you online edition of the festival may still be confusing – that’s why we prepared this short tutorial in polish on how to participate from your home cinema!

Hopefully our little entertaining guide will help you navigate virtually through the film-universe of Szczecin. But if it is not enough – don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

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Thurdsay at festival office

In this short material you can see how our stuff prepared for yesterday’s online events – a lot of hard work and fun – as always 🙂

Today you can expect even more great screenings and discussions – joins us, we are prepared and ready for everything.

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Home cinema

We want to see Your way of participating in SEFF online! You can share photos or videos by sending them on our facebook page here. The first post from the opening ceremony can be already seen via the link below – follow and contact us while we will keep you. updated about the backstage of the festival 😉

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Evenings like these…

It is really easy to spend the evenings with us! Yesterday we took a journey to Kana as you can see here:

Good news, if you didn’t know – everyday You are invited to join the Chillout Zone at Český film. It is a great opportunity to get together after (or before) the daily portion of festival screenings.

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Mastering the art of online conferencing

In just about an hour the first event of today will start – Kino na Pomorzu Zachodnim. ZFF Pomerania Film @SEFF. P. i M. Kulik – „Mateczniki”. Online meetings force our stuff to tame conferencing platforms and social media manging… to be prepared for all surprises! Zoom is basically our new friend here, in the festival office 😊

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