FiSH TEAM 2016

Hi there!

We are the team from Filmfestival im StadtHafen Rostock (FiSH). Our names are Jeanne, Lenka, Quynh, Zsolt and Konrad. We take part in the Szczecin European Film Festival 2016 as volunteers. Our tasks include helping in organization and informing festival guests about upcoming events. We also take a lot of pictures and some of them you can see below!

This is us:

img_7694From left: Jeanne, Quynh, Konrad, Zsolt and Lenka – the FiSH Team!

Jeanne: My name is Jeanne. This is my first time in Poland. And I really love the trams here! They’re so old! Even though it is cold and rainy, I am happy to be here as a SEFF volunteer.

Zsolt: I’m Zsolt. I have always liked Polish people and culture and I’m happy to be here. People are helpful everywhere and they speak very good English and often German as well. Thank you for the opportunity.

Lenka: Hi, I’m Lenka. From the perspective of history, I have a lot in common with Poland and it’s nice to confront myself with genius loci of this town through films and events on this festival.

Quynh: Hey, my name’s Quynh and I’m a German originating from Vietnam. I’ve never been in Poland before, so I’m very honored to be part of the team here. So far I’ve been really enjoying this experience. Polish traffic is crazy, the weather is freezing and your language sounds so cool (although I can’t understand anything).

Konrad: Hey, I’m Konrad. This is my first time in Poland, too. The people here are very communicative, and even though the weather has not been very enjoyable recently, I have found that the inner city of Szczecin is something to remember. SEFF’ 16 is an amazing, thoroughly planned event, and I am happy to be a part of it (however small that part might be).


img_7705Anna Julia is the coordinator for us, and it is interesting following her work for a week. We learn so much about how it is to organize a film festival!


img_7712The people in Stettin are so warm and welcoming – really nice to be a guest in your city! From left: Zsolt, Lenka, Quynh, Konrad and Julia (volunteer from the Polish part of the project).


img_7722 img_7716 img_7717  img_7713

The FiSH team


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