Let the game begin



Did you think that intriguing and mesmerising movies can be filmed only by video or reflex camera? Not necessarily! Review of short films qualified to the international competition Telephone Art’16 showed us that you can document reality in a very unique way with just your mobile phone.

On Saturday evening the cinematic pub Český Film was getting more crowded every minute. Everyone came to see 24 films selected from 1130 by Ul Pazniak. All of us watched closely every clip to vote for the best one after the screening.  So the winner will be chosen by the audience and by juror Cezary Ciszewski.

After an hour and a half of tough decisions and intensive thinking the time has come for us to chill a little bit. And there was no better option than to watch the strangest short horror films during Chillout Horror. Yeah. Relax.

That is how on the 15th of October we (unofficially) started Szczecin European Film Festival 2016. We can’t wait to meet you during the upcoming events!

See you around,


Hello world! What did you do last Sunday? We went to the West Pomerania Shorts’16 Final. Eleven short films were screened and a vote was taken. Here’s what you missed if you weren’t there.

The 11 titles screened were:
Krótka Historia Pewnego Kufra (2015) dir. Radosław Sobolak
Fabryka talentów (2014) dir. Gosia Kowalik
Biegnij, biegnij (2015) dir. Konrad Pachciarek
Basta 2015! (2016) dir. Łukasz Musiał
Recydywista (2016) dir. Aleksander Cywiński, Karol Maćków, Dariusz Kret
Making of DreaMa (2016) dir. Mateusz Samolong
Koniec spania (2016) dir. Ryszard Ferenc
Hold On To Me (2016) dir. Kuba Ptaszyński
Nie tak bardzo nad morzem (2015) dir. Szymon Nygrad
Gretchen am Spinnrade (2015) dir. Magdalena Chmielewska
Marsz (2015) dir. Mateusz Żegliński

The audience was witness to a spectrum of different topics. The films ranged from music videos to a wildlife film, with documentaries and making-of videos in-between. They touched a variety of topics. There was also variety in the audience – people from different ages, cultures and backgrounds attended the event.




The first weekend of SEFF is behind us. And I think the atmosphere at the West Pomerania Shorts ’16 Final summarizes what the entire festival is about. Variety, being exposed to different perspectives and paying attention to current events.

See you at the events,





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