The Polish team at SEFF ’16

Hi everyone!

Have a look at the work of the Polish team of the blog at SEFF ’16. They have been so busy! Informing about the screeings and events, carrying staff, selling tickets and catalogues, and helping the guests were responsible and important tasks. Whithout the help of the Polish volunteers we wouldn’t be able to do anything! That’s what their work looked like during the whole week:

The Best Films in the World – Multikino Galaxy, 18.10.2016


The Polish and FiSH team are selling the tickets for the Best Films in the World at Multikino Galaxy. From left: Konrad (FiSH), Zsolt (FiSH), Karolina, Marta and Szymon.

There were a lot of people! The films at Multikino included: „Perseverance” dir. Małgorzata Imielska, „Fire at Sea”, dir. Gianfranco Rosi, and the newest Werner Herzog’s documentary „Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World”.


Kamila and Karolina during the screenings.

At the same time the rest of the people and team (along with volunteers, FiSH and DEKRA students) were at the SEFF’16 Opening Ceremony at Studio TVP Szczecin which was broadcast live. We had an opportunity to see the real TV studio and be a part o the event. It was so cool!

Have a read of Karina’s impressions of the Opening Ceremony below:

„On Tuesday the official SEFF ’16 Opening Ceremony took place. We hope you joined us – whether you were there at the studio with us, or perhaps watched in the comfort of your house.
During the inauguration we were pleased to see short interviews with guests who are associated with the festival.  And then the directors of the festival Bartosz Wójcik and Claudia Dietrich officially opened the festival. However, here at SEFF we do not have a ribbon to cut. We have a clapperboard. But it carries the same ceremonious effect and let’s face it – it’s way more fitting (and cool!).
Later the Danish film At Home in The World (2015) dir. Andreas Koefoed was screened. It portrayed the life of refugee children at the Danish Red Cross school for asylum-seekers. It has been awarded the IDFA Award for Best Mid-Length Documentary.
See you around!


The Dialogue Centre Upheavals at SEFF: „A Brave Bunch. The Uprising through Children’s Eyes”, 20.10.2016

Another interesting event that we took part in was multimedia „History Lesson” at the Dialogue Centre Upheavals. Here is Karolina’s impression of that meeting:

Always a kid at heart

Everyone knows that films show different kind of stories. What happens if this story is from real history?

On Thursday (20.10) there was a meeting with the youth at The Dialogue Centre Upheavals within the multimedia “History Lesson”. Young audience got to watch “A Brave Bunch. The Uprising Through Children’s Eyes” directed by Tomasz Stankiewicz and based on the book by Monika Kowaleczko – Szumowska. After the screening, director and author talked about the process of shooting the film and working with children – actors. There was also the survivor of The Warsaw Uprising, Mr Zbigniew Piasecki who talked about his experience and memories related with World War II. I believe that everyone was moved by his story.

We prepared a space for the meeting with big help from volunteers from FiSH (Festival im StadtHafen). Hopefully, we’ll do more things together!

See you,


Karolina and Jeanne discussing their impressions of the meeting


Lenka, Jeanne and Quynh from FiSH who helped us a lot in organizing the space in the museum. Thank you girls!

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