Hello World! How is it going? Here it is quite busy, but some days ago it was even more busy than usually, everyone had plenty of tasks to do before the Tuesday press conference. There were broschures, plans, graphics and spots to set up. Fortunately we managed to do everything and the conference went right. Catch some news and photos!

The conference was succeed. There was a lot of press and awesome atmosphere. We were also honoured with the apperance of our guests from Germany- Mrs Claudia Dietriech and Mr Volker Kufahl, who told some words about our Polish-German cooperation and common plans for the festiwal. The most important and interesting part was the presentation of films qualified to the Eutropean and Polish Competition chosen by our Polish-German selection team. As we have told you already, they made a good job. From about 500 they chose 44 bests films which came from about 20 countries. (The whole list you can check here:  ). They reseved for a huge acclaim, because despite the amount of materials they managed to do it before the planned end of deliberation.

There was also told some words about the different related with the Festival film events, which will take place before the main part, as eg. „Evenings of  European Film with OFFicyna”, but about this we will write soon.

Take care! Bye bye!

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