Film Review – „Résce la Lune”by Gloria Kurnik and Giulia Di Battista

Rèsce la Lune

In the net of love – trapped or cared? – Gloria Kurnik and Giulia Di Battista try to find an answer to this question.

As a young girl Vittoria learned to knit nets for fishermen.

Now she tells her story from the perspective of an old woman, to whom the nets embody the love in life. She once fell in love with a young man, who was beyond her reach. Years later she married another man to whom she had some feelings but no true love.

Years later she recognized that she “had become trapped like a fish – without even knowing”. Her husband showed himself a tyrant. In difficult moments, when he only minded himself – ignoring his wife’s feelings she started to remember her old feelings. The feelings of first love.

For me „Rèsce la Lune“ is a special film, making it easy to understand the inner world of Vittoria. The net, which once was the centre of the narrator’s life is an omnipresent metaphor. Camera-operator and director Giulia Di Battista shoots images of the nets, which rise in the woman’s hands. She uses less wide-angle shots. This creates an enormous closeness to the narrator. There arises the question whether the close-up shots get inflationary.

No music at all is being used in the film. No music all? No. At the beginning and in the end Vittoria sings herself. A song about love and farewell which gives the film the name. Furthermore Giulia Di Battista (also sound-editor) gives the work a large acoustic atmosphere. Even so in my ears I would prefer to hear some more auf the sea shore.

All in all „Rèsce la Lune“ is a quite aesthetically film, which narrates the story of a woman wich is thought-provoking. Is the love a net, representing a trap or a net which cares about one. Listening to Vittoria, I would say both.

Kenneth Böhmchen

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