Some changes

Hello World! Sorry for this short break,we hope, you haven’t been missing to much! There are some good and unfortunately sad news.At firs sad… Last week Darias project has ended and she had to come back home to Romania. We hope she spent some nice time with us and has collected some stories. For us it was a pleasure to do festival stuff with her. We will miss you!

But I will not stay alone for a long, to our team joined Ira, who will post here with me.

Catch some more news!

Last week in our beautiful Pomeranian Dukes Castle another two ”Evenings of  European Film with OFFicyna” took place. Both of them was parts of „Episode Sweden”. We saw some inspirational and unforgetable films. We were visted by lot of people and luckily there was nice weather. Everything crated awesome atmosphere. If you missed those events, do not be sad, in December you will have a chance to catch up. Next „Evenings” will take place in „Pionier Cinema”, which is the one of the oldest cinemas in the World. For sure there will be unigue atmosphere.

 Take care! Bye bye!

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