Pic1_Nicole-BrautzschNicole: Production

Hello everybody, my name is Nicole. Born and raised in Berlin, even as a child I was fascinated by the worlds that lived in my TV. Even when I grew older, learning more about the world around me, movies remained as another world that I could enter and where I could forget reality for a while. Movies are a retreat for me, another world where anything is possible. Success comes when you do what you love. That’s why I study film and television at the DEKRA Hochschule. I am pleased to be part of the Szczecin European Film Festival ’18. Especially meeting new people with the same passion.


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Nele: Camera

Hey there! My name is Nele Gehricke and I’m 20 years old.

My biggest childhood dream was to become an actress. Therefore, I started to work as an extra in several TV films. Even though I had a lot of fun, I quickly realized, that I prefer the work behind the camera way more. My passion is to create touching stories through impressive pictures for a broad audience. Because of that, I began to study “Movie and Television” at the “DEKRA Hochschule für Medien” in Berlin.

Being part of the Szczecin European Film Festival will be a great experience for me and I am really looking forward to meeting people with the same interests.

Pic3_Tobias-HantscheTobias: Editor

My name is Tobias and I study film and television at the Dekra Media Academy in Berlin. Since I was supposed to make a movie in high school I am fascinated how movies can create and use a spectrum of emotional diversity to bring stories to life. Furthermore, I love how making movies connects you with different people where you got to push and pull each other in different directions that you never thought you would have gone. But in the end, it’s just how you grow – as a human being and as a team. Therefore, I am looking forward to all the new people and experiences at Szczecin European Film Festival ’18.

Pic5_Inken-KrauseInken: Sound designer


My name is Inken and I am 19 years old. I moved from the north of Germany to Berlin to study film and television at the DEKRA Hochschule für Medien.I startet to make movies  in school at age 14, where I created sketches, Music Videos and other shenanigans.When I started university  I wanted to become an editor or cinematograph but I quickly discovered my passion for audio engineering. I am exited to be part of the Szczecin European Film Festival ’18.

Pic6_Oliver-TrebusOliver: Editor

Oliver is a student at the DEKRA Media Academy in Berlin. His passion for filmmaking started early, because of his grandfather’s joy in editing and his father’s work in the field of television and media. Taking photos, exploring the world and to document these trips with a camera, are also big interests of him. He really likes the emotions that films can create with the right picture and so he always tries to find the right composition when working with the camera. Excitied to be a part of the Szczecin European Filmfestival ’18, Oliver hopes to get some new experience and create something great on his trip to Poland.

Pic7_Tim-DomskyTim: Camera

Hi there, I’m Tim and part of  the technical department at the SEFF 2018.

„Seeing is Believing“ is what drives me to create memorable storys captured on film, so that people will experience the world through my eyes. I love working behind the camera and hope to share my joy for moving images through the films we will create together.

Pic8_Lars-NeumayerLars: Camera

Hi my name is Lars, I am a student of the DEKRA Media Academy in Berlin. I always had a passion for film and motion picture in general, so it was clear for me that I was going to study something related to filmmaking. About a year ago, when I started my studies, I also found my interest in photography. I will pursue my aims and I am exited to see where this path is leading…


Pic9_Wiebke-LeserWiebke:  Camera

Hi my name is Wiebke, I am 19 years old. I was born in Freiburg in southern Germany. When I was 12 my family moved to Connecticut in the United States where I stayed for five years until I graduated high school. There I discovered my passion for theater, photography and film. When I returned to Germany I decided to study film and television at DEKRA Hochschule für Medien in Berlin. I am thrilled to be here at the Szczecin European Film Festival 2018 to gather experience as an upcoming filmmaker, to meet new people and have an amazing week.

Pic10_Paulo-PereiraPaulo: Director

Hey there! Wassup? My name is Paulo Pereira, I am Brazilian, who two and a half years ago moved from Los Angeles California to Germany in Berlin. I study film and television at Dekra Hochshule für Medien.

I’ve always been interested in movies and also been curious about how „The Magic” was done on television. I’ve been storytelling ever since I was 8 years old, and this helped me a lot in deciding to write my own scripts, and then to turning them into movies. Being behind the scenes and getting the actors to give lives to the characters.

In my free time, I like to practice capoeira, URU-CAN (Brazilian martial art) jam-session, enjoy a good caipirinha, write scripts. But also doing activities with refugees who live in Berlin, helping them with integration activities and career plan.

In Szczecin European Film Festival ‚2018 I will be shooting a documentary-film and I have to say that I’m looking forward to meeting nice people there and also enjoy the city of course.

So, stay tuned and see you then!

Pic11_Lukas-HaasLukas: Presenter

Hi, I’m currently studying media acting and journalism at the Dekra Hochschule in Berlin. Movies always had a big impact on my life. I remember running around as a kid quoting movies like Star Wars and others (but especially Star Wars), annoying everyone around me. Nowadays, due to my job, I’m frequently talking to directors, producers and actors, which is actually quite a dream coming true for me. I’m looking forward to the Szczecin Film Festival, getting a glance at the “artsy” side of independent movies.



Pic12_Lisa-PohlmannLisa: Sound assistant

My name is Lisa-Marie Pohlmann but please if you see me, just call me Lisa. I’m one of the Directors of our team and also perform as an Audio Assistent at SEFF. If you’re going to ask my friends where to find me it’s probably in a cozy corner. The reason? I’m obsessed with reading, really obsessed. So it’s actually no surprise that I started writing my own stories when I was 15. A hobby became more, so I joined DEKRA Hochschule für Medien and began to studying journalism. Right now I’m in my fifth semester and specialized on videojournalism. I’m looking forward on visiting Szczecin, attending my first film festival and an amazing time.


Pic13_Raphael_EhlertRaphael: Editor

Hello there. The name is Raphael and believe it or not I am studying at the DEKRA – Hochschule für Medien right now. Well, probably not right know in this moment. The more likely situation is me sitting in a room and editing the videos you could be watching on this site. Made by us with love.

What I am personally looking forward is to meet the passionate people behind the movies. The eccentric ones, the strange ones, whoever made the movie.

What else could I tell you? Not much I guess. So just enjoy our content or just your day, or maybe even the festival itself.

Pic14_Fatema-SultaniFatema: Presenter

Hello everyone

My name is Fatema and I am 23 years old. I was born in Kabul. I am a student at Dekra Hochschule für Medien based in Berlin. My goal is to work as a moderator later on.



Pic15_Dennis-GutjahrDennis: Editor

Hey there, My name is Dennis Gutjahr. I live in Berlin and i study Journalism at the “DEKRA Hochschule  für Medien“. I love being behind the camera and always dreamt about participating in movies. Therefore I am very happy to be a part of the Szczecin European Film Festival ’18.



Pic16_Jaqueline-KaldeweyJaqueline: Media correspondent

My name is Jaqueline Kaldewey and I am 23 years old. Two years ago I moved to Berlin to study journalism at DEKRA Hochschule für Medien. I like to write articles, but I also like to film. Everyone has a story to tell and I want to bring it to life and give it a voice. I am very interested in meeting new people and tell their story. I am very excited and I think being part of the Szczecin European Film Festival ´18 will be a great experience.



Pic17_Stefanie-MichallekStefanie: Media correspondent

Dzień dobry! My name is Stefanie Michallek. I am 20 years old and study journalism at DEKRA Hochschule für Medien. As most of my team mates I was born in Germany but my parents are from Poland. Both cultures have been a part of me ever since I was little, which makes me more than

just excited to work on this project with a polish-german team. I love travelling, writing and eating delicious food so I am really looking forward to having a wonderful time with you all Szczecin. Let’s try our best to finish this project succesfully, make good memories together and laugh a lot!


Pic4_Fabio-LopesFabio:  Media correspondent