A Beautiful Human Adventure

The Szczecin European Film Festival, with the Electronic news project, is beyond the artistical side, (that we used to talk a lot about it  in other articles. It’s also a huge opportunity to make new friends, share experiences and knowledge related to the whole passion of film making.

We want to underline the fact, that the festival is also a true cross border European student collaboration, a real human adventure. In this edition we are very fortunate to welcome multi talented students from Germany. We spend 6 days together, sharing our lifestyles, film making knowledge, our point of view, but also we were eating together, staying in the same hostel, partying together and collaborating on creation of film materials.

We, polish students,  would like to thank the student from the ‘Dekra Hochschule für Medien’ for being so kind with us, open minded, and always ready to help and share useful tips.


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